Meet the Chef

Chef Troy Sheller at The Georges Inn

Troy Sheller, Executive Chef, The Georges Inn, Lexington, Virginia.

Troy Sheller, grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, surrounded by the cooking of his Mother and Grandmother, a second generation immigrant from Sicily. Self taught as a chef, Troy’s career took him to South Florida where he formed his own private catering company serving executives of Fortune 500 companies, political heads of state and celebrities such as NHL Player Henrik Lundquist.

Throughout his career his influences have been Jeremiah Tower and Thomas Keller and this is evidenced in the passion and creativity of his cuisine. An example of this would be his Crabmeat Cheesecake, currently on the new menu at Haywood’s where he combined a Ricotta Cheesecake with a Crabcake to create an award winning dish.

Ask Chef Troy about his favourite thing to eat and he enthusiastically says King Crab which he eats every year to celebrate his birthday. When not in the kitchen he dedicates his time to his beautiful family (he has two children) and philanthropy. In 2017 alone his fund raising efforts raised over $50K.

Chef Troy joined The Georges in August and has been busy preparing for the re-launch of Haywood’s Piano Bar & Grill. A renovated kitchen and the introduction of a Charcoal Grill has enabled him to create a menu of simply grilled steaks and lamb chops with a selection of his own creative appetizers and entrees. “Food is supposed to be fun, supposed to make you think, and explore. It’s personal, my heart on a plate. It must be perfect every time. Our culinary creations must be the best they’ve have ever had”

Golden and red beet salad garnished with butter lettuce and scallions
White square bowl filled with bolognese penne pasta on a table at Haywood's with a glass of beer and fresh flowers in the background
Carrot cake layers with piped whipped creme
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